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tv   News 4 Today  NBC  January 22, 2011 9:00am-10:00am EST

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that's just air temperature. our thermometer is in a sheltered spot away from the wind. very cold day outside, worthy ofomplaining. >> oh, it is coming. >> wory of a comment at least. outside, cloud cover and cold airoutside. first ing this morning. there a little bit mor sunshine further to the north and west of town. temperatures are in the teens this morning. fredericksburg now the warm spot. all the way 20 degrees. frederick maryland making good progress. up from 10 to 16 degrees. the northwesterly breeze has windchills in the singl digits you can e on the satellite review, breaks in the clouds acrossorthern maryla. by and large, in and out of the cloud cove for much of the day. limited sunshineeans limited opportunity to warm thingsp around here. we will stay below freezing for todays high temperature, for tomorrow's high temrature and into monday as well. >> what do you mean, we will stay below? oh, yeah, yeah. it motook me a cond to wrap my
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brain around that. today shall the beved man, known as sarge will be laid to rest. robe robert serant shriver jr. devoted his life to helng others and helped founded the ace core. they gathered to remember him at e holy catholic church. maryland senator, sny hoyer met him almost 50 years ago. his older daughte mar shriver delivered the final uology and said her father is now renighted with his wife. >> we all take great comfort knowing that mom any and daddy are together together in heaven with god. those were thewo great loves of his fe. he was totally devoted to both of the in every sense ofhat
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word. >> siver passed away on tuesday at suburban hospitaln beesda. >> we will broadcast the funeral live on nbc wasngton nonstop less than an hour from now. you can watch i on comst 208. verizon 460 or cox 803. for over the air viewers, channel 4.2. gabrielle giffor is spending h first day at houston rehabilitation facility one week after she w shot in e head. hundreds linedhe streets as a motorcade escorted her to the air force base. they expect her to remaint the rehab centeror 4 to 6 months. the neighbor who brought a 9-year-old girlo that tucson grocery store on the day of the shootings nowalking about the tragedy. suzy heilman was standing next to christina taylor green when the shots were filed killing the child. here is a portionf her
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interview with bri williams. congrswoman giffordss shaking hands with the people in front of us and talking. i said, you have your question. you know what yo are going to say. she goes, yeah, yeah, yeah. so i needed toake a breath i said shall christina, let's do the math, how many senators d we have? hold that number. home representatives do we have? add that number. hold that number. let's add the president and the vice president. you got that number? that's theumber of people who make the laws tha tell us how we live here in america tod. and you are gng to get to shake her hand. >> wow. >> gunshot. >> that was the last thing? >> she is looking atme. it was -- she was wondering. she wa confused.
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she wassking me what is goi on and i'm just telling her to stay with me. do n leave me here by myself, young la. then, someone, a big, cm but definitely, pay attention to this voice, lad-- >> suzy heilman is now recovering aer getting shot three times outside the tucson grocery store. virginia teen is snding his first morni at home with his family after he was detained in kuwait for weeks. herrived at dulle inrnational airports. the 19-year-old said he traveled to h birth place of somalia d then to yem and then to kuwait where his nam ended up on the -fly list. he says he was tortured while
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detained. he says the process of putting people on the no-f list as ll as u.s. citizen protection overseas both need to change. today, temporarily running d.'s metro syste has been offered the permanent job. the board ofirectors announced their decision to hire richard sore ro sorrows. he most recently worked for the new jersey tnsit agency. d.c.'s metro boardf directors says it must still te an officialote on the hiring decision,eeting next thursday. meanwhile, metro customers y find delays this weekend, trains between east falls church and west fas church may be up to 20 minutes behind schedule. crews are repairing rail fasteners and tunnel leaks. they may have delay on the red lints beeen friendship heights andedical center as well as leaving shady grove and glennt. it should be done before monday morning's rush. >> a high school resting coach is back at work after being
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fired forhaving the headsf two studts. he says he buzzed two wrestlers headto build team camaraderie. one of the parents complained. they fired him. he tells us he will rejoin the team as volunteer coach, not head coh. the date over a mural near a northern vginia dog park has turned into a leg fight. they ordered the painting to be covered up. the owner p a blue tarp over it. county leaders bieve it is an adrtisement for a pet daycare that sits nex to the dog par arlingtonfficials say the mural was 15 times bigger than the sign code perms. the artist calls the mural art. >> i went out of m way to make re there wasothing that was going to say wag me dogs. there were no words on it to
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make it a sign. >> as a compromise, wagore dogs can put a four-foot high sign up that welcos visitors to the community. th owner says she doesn't have that kind of money. >> i like the ltle dog poking t the tarp. don't you hate it when you are at the library when someone keeps distracting you. >> it is happening a lot these days at the library of congress. the culprit here, let's say this unwant guest isn't so easy t catch. tom sherwood explains. > labor bribrary of congress photographer was snapping away towardthe ornate ceili of thelibrary's reading room. since wednesy, a hawk has bee flying aroun morehan 160 feet off the grnd. since wednesday. >> one of the researchers happened to look up and saw it flying ound. that's when one of our library staffers who was an amateur birder got out her iphone app
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and identified it corrtly. >> the hawk has become a media sensation. it is a female cooper's hawk. it is not endangered but what we are told is a species of coern. we had to bring in a professional. this is not your typical pest removal situation. >> the library communications staff has been on the case. >> have you communicad with the hawk? >> haven't. i heard that a woman played a call of tsick haparticular hawk her iphone. it probly scared it away. >> reporter: wle the reading room had its gaukers, they are busy trying to capture the hawk with a help from a trapper. >> we have been up there all day with some traps and hoping we will be able to get it up safely. we are told if it has ten recently, it cld be three or four days before ituns out of
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gas. >> traps in the ceing have micend pigeons as bait. th hope to release it unharmed. we are calling him an unweome visitor. is kind of a cool sighto see. >> it is pretty interesting to see. he is probably checking out that at are they calling in the ceiling, a mural? >> i think he is tryin to get out the glas i hope he doesn't injure himself. still ahd, this hour, one of telisions most popular and provocative televion personalities makes a stunning announcements. did you think the jersey shore was
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this is the last edition of "countdown." it isust under eight years si i returned to msnbc. >>pretty surprisingere. keith olbermann shocked everybody with that announcement. the liberal host was at msn for eight years. his show, "countdown was the channel's highest-rated prime time program. there hn't been an explanion for theplit. executives fro comcast, which will soon own the majority of nbc universal, were ad dam they we not behind this decision. they said they would move the relatively new show "the lt word" wi lawrence o'donnell to the 8:00 p.m. time slot. president obam working with business to he put the economy in what he calls overdre.
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the president visited a general lec tri manufacturing pnt in neyork yesterday. he also announc thathe ceo of ge, jeffrey immelt,illead a new council on jobs and coetitiveness and advice the president on ways to expand private sector economic growth. >> that's why i have set a goa of doublingmerican exports within five years. we are up 25% and we are going to keep on selling morend more stuff arnd the world. >> ge is the paren company of nbc andbc 4 but has agreed to hand over 51% of nbc universal to comst in t next moh or so. chinese presiden hu jintao wrapped up his chtrip to the u.. with a trip to chicago. he toured walter payton college prep wch has offer a ndarin chinese program since
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1999. after seven years of house rest, myanmar's prodemocracy leader is ready to to reconnect withhe outside world. awning son aung saun suchi says she will jump on line a recovers from something as simple as aold. cifornia woman can now speak for the first time in mor than a decade. bren jenson is a recipient of a voice box transplant. >> she loster ability to speak it in another surgery. she had to use an electroc device to talk uil last october when she had the transplant. >> totally life chainingn so many ways. like i said, i've got friends i call back east. theyidn't even believe it was me. >> during the 18-hour operation,
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doctors replaced jenson's larynx, thyroid gnd and trachea with organs from an accident victim. critics wt a racy sies pulled. >> it is called "skins." critics say theeen drama glo glamourizes promiss cue u sex, drinks a drunking. some calledhe show child pornogray. >>eporter: the numbers are in. mtv's "ski" is an instant hit. this week's premier watch by 3.3 million people, many of them young children. theremise is mple. a group o high school friends talking sex. >> y promised to help o the family toy. >> with what? >> the virginthg. >> reporr: having sex a drinking and doing drugs. >> purchase the nartics and
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get your butt here. >> reporter: usually, the racy reality shows stirring things up. ink "jersey shore." not here. it is a descriptive series based on a british show. ju like there, the actors here are rea teenagers, anyone 15 to 19 doi things like this. and that. >> you have aajor conglomerate, viacom, and mtv thatre directly marketing to children, graphic sex, profanity, drug use. >> the parents television council an advocacy groupust sent this letter to the house an senate judiciary committee dending an investigation saying mtv may be violang federal law, including sexual exploitationf children and child pornography. >> they are likely to say, ts
9:17 am
is just a television show. that not the defense. that's not the issue. the on issue you, arehere kids invold under the age of 18. that's it. that's enough. that's child pornography. >> there is a warning at the top of the show that is not eugh. mtv i't backing down, telling nbc news, "skins" is a sho that addresses real world issue yous nfronting teens in a fran way. were confident that the episodes of skins will not only supply with all applicable leue real quirmlegal requirements but with the responsibilities to the viewers. some parents say they not only find the connt out ranlus but marketing. >> they marketed this to teens. this is like j camel on steroids. >> reporter: jeff rossen, nbc news, new york. taco bell is the first advertiser to pull its ads from commercial breaks ring "skins." they advertised last week but they die sided that "skins" is
9:18 am
not fi for its brand. >> it will lea to an interesting debate. ere islways that questionf how much control as a parent do you have over what your kids are doinor watching, that sort of thin if you don't want to wch it, y are you letting them? >> college ds, okay. 9:18 right now. why are you laughing? >> you onl have control over your kids as long as you can see em. once the line of sig is brok, all bettss are off. we are dealing with a very cold weekend. i will give you all the dails how long the cold is going to stick around and wheth or not we can turn col into snowflakes any time soon. forecast coming up.
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on and from our partne the now, time to check in with chuck. we hope peopl are going to be able to brave the weather to go out to eat. a little bit of extra carbohydrates. you need to jog in place, jump rope, do whatever y need to do >> who jogs in place? >> not me but some people do people that wanto jog witho getting into the cold air. you are burning calories. that's what's important. anythi you do to stay warm this weekend, you areoing to ed to do it. cold air is in place. it is going to stick around through the weekend and most of the upcoming week as well. it could lead to some interesting pas to the forecast by tuesdayight an wednesday. outside right now, clouds hg over washington ts morning. moly mid-level clouds at this pot. so the skies are relatively
9:23 am
bright. the furthe north you go, getting a little bit of sshine this morning. more clouds. once you go further south towards frederickurg andhe northern neck. 19 degrees in washington. windchills into t single digits. the fact the win stad up has a fairly uniform temperature range. 13, hagerstown. 20, fredericksburg. windchills in the peak of the afternoon. windchls in the low to mid teens. lots of cold air around. our temperature is down 15 degrees compared to the same time yesterday. slightly warmer across parts of theidwest. no winter advisories around here. there are some weather advisories out to the wt of st. louis saint lewt. louis and kansas ci.
9:24 am
don't expect a lot in the way o sunshine for today. high pressure centered way up ov southern canada. it will keep it around all weekend. as result, the cold air is going toontinue to get more reinforcements we go through the weend. as we get towards mday and tuesday, high pressure moving of to the easrn seaboard. moisture and cold air could make r an interesting time frame tuesday night into wednesday. a lot of uncertainty. for today, partly to mostly cloudy. a eak or tw of sunshine. highs today, only in the mid to upper 20s. more of the same tomorrow. tomorrow's his, upper 20s to near 30. the nthwest wind will be a little stnger. as a resu, windchills will be horing to nea 10 degrees. here is the extended forecast below freezing all of the next flee days. as we get towards tuesday, we might climb up to the freezing mark before som precipition gets going.
9:25 am
tuesday night into wednesday, whatever resip taits wl likely be in the formf snow. an awful lot of disagreement amongst our favorite computer models a to whichrack it will take. a lot of uncertainly. it could be something. it could be not so much of something. >> you said 500 miles apt. >> one says over here. another way down there. t a lot of condent just t. we will hone it down for you. >> sounds good. we will wait. the wards are still winless on the roads. uld they pull off a victory at home. good morning, everybody. yourports minute on this saturdayorning begins with the wizards. last night the four-game home winning streak came to an end. against phoenix. they led by one at half and came unglued during the third quarter. guard, ste nash scored 17 points and dished out 14 assists. the wizards fall to the phoenix 109-91.
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next up, the celtics tonht at verizon center. the malyn terps in virginia went back and forth. they needed overtime to settle their contest. tying three at the end of regution and the game-winning layup as the terp survive, 77-75 over the cavaliers. downunder at the australn open, officials found a dead spot on the court. watch this. a ba girl drops a ball in a spot. the ball doesn't bounce back. it just sticks. almost like there was lcro on the court. tually, it was an air bubble. so they drill a cole holes in the spot, t it down and voila, it bnces like it is supposed to. that is yr sports minute. i'm lindsey czarniak. have a great day. >> i am still trying to figure the tennis ball thing out. >> physics lesson. >> still ahead this hour,
9:27 am
congresswoman, gabrielle giffords arrived inrehab. we will tell you why doctorsay they kw she is aware of the support she is getting from t entire country. >>e will go live from potomac, maryland, and the funeral mass from sergeant shriver.
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the le of serant shriver is celebrated as family and friends prepare for a final good-byeor a m who devoted his life to public seice. good morni. welcome back to "news4 today." i'm aar gilcrest. >> i'm kimert suiterberly suite. check on our forecast. chuck bell joins us inhe studio if you have not stepped outside, you need gloves, hats. >> i saw people last nigs with their scarfs pulled up over thr heads to cover their rs, over their noses and mouths. any exposed sp is going to feel very, very chil. if you are going to be outside for a longtime, don't drink caffeine or alcohol. they dehydrate you and interfere with your body's ability to stay warm. otherwise, sometimes an irish coffee helps you stay warm in the morning. >> irish coffee does a lot for you. >> i love that half of my irish lineage. teeratures in theid to upper teens in most neighborhoods.
9:31 am
windchills are in theingle digits. a lile bit of lig sunshine getting through across northern maryland. most of us wille fighting that battle between cloud and sunshine. for the most part, clouds are going to win o today. temperatures stang below freezing today. single digitsnd teens tonight. still stayingn the 20s for tomorrow. get out your farite, something to keep you warm and keep it close by. you are going to need it. >> especially the toddlers who can't talk yet. i saw one who was just crying. you could tell his handsere red. he was really cold. you have to cover up the extremities. you feelbad. >> thank you, chuck. >> today, familynd friends will say good-byeo the man they lovinglyalled sarge. the funeral for robert sergeant shrive jr. is today. those close to him remember his giving spirit and positive attude. news 4's derrick ward is live at our lad of mercy church in potomac, maryland. good morning, derrick.
9:32 am
>> reporte good morning, aaron and kimberly. the mourners are filing in for this service expected to get underway within the next half hour or so as people file in. 1,000 people are expecd to say good-bye to a m that could probably be called onef the lastnights of camelot. robert sergeant shriver passe away at 95, earlier this week. a life devoted to public service. perhaps he is best remembered as the first dector of the peace core and the fe of the massive an--poverty efforts of the johnson administration. one time vice presidential candidate wi george mcgovern. later, he helped eunice kennedy shriver runhe special olympics program she founded. he has been describeds an idealist. he has left a legacy in american potics. >> his life was an invitation. an invitation to each of us to in him. an invitation to ask not what
9:33 am
others c do for you but what you n do for others. >> i think all of us take great comfort knowing at mommy and daddy are togetr now in heave with god. those were the two great loves of his life. he was totally devoted to bh of them in every sense of that word. >> now, we want to show you some ctures inside. former president, bill clinton, vice president joe biden, will be long the dignitaries her today. it will alsonclude some performances, hymns, musical tributes by bono andi cliff john. there will be some family remembrances from the children and grandchildren. we spoke briefly with a young man wh was part of the special
9:34 am
olympics who was very emotion about this. heas known sergeant shriver for qte a while. he says, some of the happiest memories he has is of attending parties at the shriver househd. they are residents of the potoma area and have been. we understand sergeant shriver is a dissen escendant of a prim marylandamily. >> he will be missed by many in so many corners of the world. we will broadcast the funeral mass le onbc washington nonstop beginningt 10:00 a.m. thismorning. you can watch that on comcast, 208. verizon, 460 or cox channel 803. for our over the air viewers, channel 403 or today, gabrielle gifrds is ginning her first full day of
9:35 am
recovery at a rehab facili. she traveled to the world renowned texas institute for rehabilitati and research. they speciali in brain injures. hundreds lined the streets as a motorcade escted her from the hospital to a nearby air force base they could tell the congresswoman felt their support. >> there was several times we could hear applause in t ambulance with gabby. she resfondponded very wello th. iling andaryiearing a little bit. it was vy motional and special. doctors expect her to be at the hston rehab center for 4 to 6 months and undergo evaluation. >> it's 9:35. right now, still ahead, it is not too late to make 2011 the best year of your life. we'll talk to a speaker about how to get your swagger back.
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yo are watchingnews4 today." better late than never. a post card wilmer bra wrote to his family finally arrived 52 years later. the card was sen in november of
9:39 am
1958 from new mexico. brag said he recognized t handwriting and i dawned on him it was his handwriting. the card which cost 5 cents to send back in '58 may have been stuck in equipment thought to be empty. talk about snail mail. th national unemploymt rate remains above 9 p%. if you are one of them, not too late to get on your feet. joining us now is motational speaker, derri miles. >> describe fore how you characterize it. it is autuperhuman performae, how to get your mojo back i 2011. what happened in the last three or four years. i w part of that. so, what we said,for the individuals thatre going to t back in the marketace. we wt a book series with som
9:40 am
of the mostuccessful entrepreneurs and how they utilized those fts. you are saying it is there. it is in you. you have to beilling to reach inside yourself andind it. >> absolely. today, in the marketplace, over 75of employees do not utilize their gifts and talents in their jobs. >> youave come up wh the tips to get your mojo ba. we are not talking about that kind of mojo. this is mojo to get back your feet in terms o career. the first thing you s is believe you have a gift. like i mentied before, 75% of employees are disengad in the rk place. theyre not utiling their gifts and talents. the second pce is you have to undersnd what that tick gift is. what we haveone is pulled ou resech from the bible and came up with 14 differentifts people can use in the marketplace that would take their lives to a total gnificant different place. >> for example? >> gift of learship and adminiration and writing. they don't have an opportunity to use it in theirobs.
9:41 am
the bypduct of that is frustration. >> you say put your gifts tose every day? >> every day. >> if it iswriting, get in there and sta doing you thing soou have a body of work almost. correct. that how it works. >>ou say, learn the gift of others. >> absolutely. what happens, i will give you a case in int. i am n gifted in the area of crtsmanship. what i have done is brought people along witme who are gift in craftsmanship. they bring back a masterpiece and i haven lost any energy. >> you have tips for people in leadership positions, the gifts they need to think about. >> as a former executive, this is the thing i struggle with you always put peopl in positions based on a tactic, not on a purpose. so you have to find out what the gifts ahat release superhuman performan and start putting those people inhose positions and you will realize
9:42 am
performae that excee anything you will ever imagine. >> your next thing, build you ams with the gifts you nd. >> absolutely. if you identify, you need a leader. you ha to have that person assessed and find out they have a gift ofleadership. if you need someone torite information to communicate to 7,000 people, find a pson who has a gifof writing. >> obtain coaching for all the employees in yr organization. you have got to be willing to invest in that team and build them up, right? >> i think we should take the sports field as an example. rafael nadal h a coach. cody bryant has a coach. people that d the majory of thr work don't get coachin derrick miles, motivational speaker. we appciate you coming in. >> derrick and aaron, thank so much. >> that's what i need, coaching. >> how can we help you? >> thas a long list. >> howan you help us? >> more impoantly, i can help you by telling you exactly how long the cold air is going to stick around. we will tease t kids
9:43 am
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you are watchin "news4 today." it's 9:45 right now. superhuman cold outside. >> i would be willing to agree wi that. >> chilly and cold. angry cold. there are usually one or two weeken in a winte where it just really looks and feelsike hard-core winter tside. that's going to be this weekend for certain around here. plenty of co air already in
9:46 am
place. more cold air coming down on the northwestey winds. that's going t per sift for all of your weekend, everybody. in fact, we may not get above freezing. i coul envision a world where we are not above freezing until wednesday or thursday of next week. that's a long stretch of cold. all we need no ds, is a little bit of moisture coming our way. we might be able to ke some snow. there is a chance for it in the seven-day forecast. keep doing your homework, though. book reports kp on flipping throug the panls ages and getti that ready to go. there is at least an opportunity with a cloudy sky here in washington. the sky, that hazy gray sde o winter outthere. 19 degrees our current temperature so f for the entire winter. we haven't had four inches of snow yet. we are 1/2 inches below average in snowfall soar this winter. will have an oprtunity to make up some of that deficit here coming up this week. so for now, o your saturday morning, tperatures are in the mid teens.
9:47 am
sile dinl single dinl it windchis are areawide. single digit windchills, cold air back up to thnorth and west. northwesterly brze are going toontinue to push more cold air in place. temperatures will drop5 degrees comped to the same time yesterday. we are going to stay muc colder an average for the next couple of days. no advisories for winter weather around he. next oppornity for precipitation starts late in the day on tuesd and will linger into wednesday. a couple of weather systems well down to the south keeping the clouds in place. one passing off to the north. keeping the clouds an a gusty northwest nd around for tomorrow. by and large, cold, high pressure. arctic high pressure for cerin is in charge of the weather this weekend. that cold northerly flow will stick around. temperatures will struggle to get anywhereear 30 deees, either tod or tomorrow. up close to the freezing mark as weet into monday and tsday. still, awfully chilly. so today, mostly cudy to
9:48 am
partly sunny for a few lky fos. cold and breezy today, winds out of thenorth, 5-15 miles an hour tomorrow, more sunshine. a stronger win tomrow. winds out of the northwest, 10 to 20 miles an hour. pect an awful lot of cold and wind around for the ekend. that will last tough monday th the clouds coming back. 50% chance of what looks like it should be snow late in the day tuesday thrgh tuesday night into wednesday. the is an awful lot of disagreement about how much potential there is for snow. there is potential. when it is saturday and we are talking about tuesday, weesday, we just deal with potentials for now. we will have time to honeown the forecast a littleit later as we get closer to it. for now,ou need to know there is a chance. it might be enough to make a snowman. at's how we will go. >> tnk you, chuck. >> you are welcome. let' go back live to potomac, maryland. we are awaiting the memorial seice for sgeant shriver. we understand the first lady's motorcade has jt pulled up.
9:49 am
>> that is the picture you were seeing a momt ago. back inside the chuh at potomac. you see senatorohn kerry there in this picture. a lot of dignitaries. you see oprah nfrey, a lot of people who are familiar to the river family and the kennedy family there to say their final good-byes to sergeant shriver. we will following this throughout the morning and have live coverage on our website. you canear theusic in the background. aelebration of sergean shver's life, including performances by bono and other famous individuals. how do you follow alegend. >> randy axle iabout to find out. he talks about the job
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expectations are sky-high at the university of maryland for their new football coach. randy edsal is about to find out. he is n only expted to win but fill bird stadium. he satown with lindsey czarniak where he talked about the strategy for success. >>so you talked about how this job is really your dreamjob. a l of tt has to do with
9:54 am
where you grew up. >> i grew u 70 miles from here. as a youngster, i came down here. i came down and went to basketball camp here for four years. you are on the campus. you are walking ound. theirst colle football game i saw was just right out there at capital one field at byrd stadium now. it used to be byrd adium, now, capital one field. >> i talked a former teaate ofyours, art monk. he said he were always a student of the game and you took t time you needed to master everything. is that the same kind of approach that you will bri here to maryland? >> there is no question. i was fortunate that i had a chance to play with art at syracuse. he was a great player. i wasn't good enough to get on the field d throw himhe ball. i learned a lot about the game there and was fornate enoug
9:55 am
to be under good coaches. the thing i want to do is to get these young people here at the university ofaryland to reall understa how to maximize their potential everything, not just as a football player but as a person and as a student. >> how do you pla to get but in that stadm? >> one of the things i am going to make sur i do is get out and be visible in the community so people can see what i'mll about and what the program is all about and get our young men out as mh as we can, get them exposure through the media so people can see what te of young men they are. again, i think peopl have to come out and understand here is who were. yeah, u have to win. again,e will be entertaing from the standpoint tt these kids will go out and play hard for 60 minutes. >> when it was goi on, there were a lot of people that voted
9:56 am
thataryland was going to go the direction of former head coach, mik leach. does that bother you? >> i have heard those tngs my whole life. when you grow up ia town with one sgle light in the whole town, you have100 kid in your graduating class, people aren't giving youuch of a chance to be successful. a lot of peoe never thought that i would make it in clege or i would finish in college. well, we did that. then, you got into coaching. people said, you couldn't win at syracuse when i went there. well, we ended up in a bowl game my senior year. i haa coach that i worked for tell me, i couldt coach in the pros. >> who told you that? >> i'm not going to say. he lt and went tthe l. he said, you are a college coach, n an nfl coach. that stoked my fires.
9:57 am
when somebodyellse i can't do something, you better watch ou i'm going to find way to do it. >> i think lindsey got right to the core of what drives him. >> he is a greathire. we will have to try and get him on as college footballeason neers. he has some oklahoma experience as well now. >> it al comes back to lahoma. >> he is a great coach. that' it for "news4 today." thanks for joining , everyone. >> we are back tomorrow morning at 6:00 a.m. we will be badcasting the funeral mass for sergeant shriver just minutes from now on nbc washington nstop. we will also be streaming live on nbcwashingtonom. see you soon. i have fallen in love th making bird hses.
9:58 am
caw caw!
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